Engineered Stone (Quartz) Countertops Complete Guide – 2019

While planning a renovation or restoration of any specific space of home & most particularly kitchen & bathroom countertops, it’s mandatory to choose a material that gonna last for some time along with providing an attractive look. Though, there are many options to consider for homeowners like granite, natural stone, and other ordinary options like concrete etc. But nowadays, a material that rises up in countertop material popularity charts is Quartz (Engineered Stone) or one can also opt for other advanced options like steel too. But quartz is what is now looks like being trend-setter in a market and by far distance.
The Miami Floors – Being the best floor tile installation in Miami providers we sum up the complete guide regarding this material that we hope will let you make up your mind before making your final decision:

What Actually a Manufactured Stone Is:

Rather than other countertop materials like marble & granite which are generally poured out from the earth, quartz is totally a man-made product. This material contains a mixture of minerals which are infused with polymer resins and crushed minerals.

Advantages of Quartz Countertops:
  • Instead of being a man-made product, this material offers the same durability as per other natural materials like marble & granite. Its basic raw material includes crushed minerals of quartz & colors resins most relatively in the ratio of 93:7. Thus, in result providing different styles and patterns.
  • Quartz-like other materials don’t require to be sealed up or generally comes pre-sealed. So, this material requires less maintenance attention. It is also non-porous in nature which makes it highly-resistance against the corrosion & stains.
Disadvantages of Quartz Countertops:
  • Quartz can be comparable to granite and can even replicate its look too. But, being a human-made product its this look not going to last for long time which is one of the main limitation it has.
  • It also act as a more hygienic countertop material because it doesn’t let harmful micro-organisms and bacteria to spread their origin and also a non-toxic.
  • Another factor that you have to be caution is that excessive heat engagement can easily damage it. This material also going to impact highly on your pocket.

Conclusion: Quartz material relatively considered as a new-comer in countertops market but they in just a Short-span of time it becomes a star of an eye of every homeowner. This is due to its style, sustainability, affordability, and timeless appeal it offers.
Being a residential & commercial remodeling services Miami contractors we advised you to look for the material that offers eco-friendly status & enhance looks. If there is still any query that you want to know than get in touch with – The Miami floors.

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