Non-Slippery Tiling & Accessible Flooring Options for Bathroom

Flooring is a crucial element of any home as it completes the overall look of an entire home. While building or remodeling a home of your dream many homeowners seek to lodge sufficient and safe rooms to the home members especially to the persons with disabilities like persons who use wheelchairs. A bathroom is an area which considers being a most dangerous spot in the home as it include many hazardous areas like Wet floor, sharp corners near the accessories like toilets, tubs, shower, vanities etc which indeed prove a difficult challenge to kids, elders, and as well as for the young adults.
So, it is well advised to concern such safety challenges before designing your bathroom because 2/3 of a home falls occurred in the bathroom. We the best commercial & residential renovation services Miami, Florida professionals got most safe tiling options that will make your bathroom less scratch & slipping prone and accessible to utilize:


Vinyl flooring is a most obvious flooring choice for the public and as well as commercial facilities. Their water resistant and slip-resistant attributes are enough to complement ADA rules. Though, luxury vinyl tiles sheets can be best non-slip tile option as they have a foam backing that let them provide more grip on floors and be wheelchair friendly. Apart from that, there easy installation and reasonable price also enhance its popularity.


Laminam flooring has a comparable appearance as it can be used both at residential and commercial properties. Laminate flooring not only looks attractive for floors but also compliment ADA requirements too. Its such attributes make it an ideal tiling option to bear high traffic load and provide much-assured rest to wheelchairs users because it has a high tendency to resist dents and bumps.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles due to their high water resisting characteristics can be a better choice for a bathroom than laminate flooring. These tiles also provide great gripping, durability, and move around capabilities to standard and to power chairs users.

Tips to make a bathroom more accessible:
  • A sink should be mount against the wall that has no underneath cabinets thus providing more space for movement. Installing an automatic faucet will make your sink more easy to access or opt for the single hand faucet.
  • To make your shower or tub area more accessible, go for a curbless shower and also keep a sleek eye on the slope so, that extra water flows easily to drainage spot.
  • The doorway should be sufficiently wide to make access for the wheelchairs. Also, make sure to keep your floor clean and tidy all the time by making it sure that there should be not any rugs or mats in the way. Such considerations make your bathroom fixtures easy to use and more approachable.
  • Bring an excessive required light is also a big safety concern of the bathroom and it is ideal if you intake as much as natural light. Motion detecting and dimmers can too be useful as well as low light switches or large easily visible toggle buttons.

Conclusion: While laying your bathroom floor, choose the best possible tiling option that suits all the family members of your family regardless how’s their physical condition. Apart from the above flooring tiles, you can also go with a solid rubber or cork flooring too. Also, watch out for the ADA (The American with Disabilities Act) laws recommendations like flooring material should have coefficient of 0.5, avoid high alterations, and a heap to maintain less than ½ inch height.
What kind of material you select make sure it has high resilience and easily managed manoeuvre because every homeowner ultimate goal is to get an accessible spaced bathroom that would be easy to utilize by all the family members
We hope the tips above will let you make up your mind before selecting your floor material and if you have anything still to ask for than visit the best tile installation Miami, Florida contractors – The Miami Floors.

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