Best Surface Finishes of Natural Stone

Natural Stone seems to be every homeowner preferable tiling material. And there is a number of high-quality options available out in the market like marble, limestone, soapstone, Travertine etc. Regardless, much known-ness of various material availability for flooring many homeowners may be not familiar with finishing surfaces they can choose and how they differ from each other.
But to help you out we the best floor tile Miami professionals have summed up all the available finishing patterns under one roof. So, that you make up your mind with direct vision regarding all the possible patterns before going through any kind of flooring installation process:

Polished Surface:

A polished natural look is a popular choice due to their high-end gloss look. This surface particularly achieved by grinding the stone surface against the fine particles of diamonds compounds to get rid of the rough matte surface. The final outcome product will further be crystallized with acids to attain the mirror-like crystal clear looking effects. The whole process brings out a subtle beauty of the surface in composure, thus makes this surface ideal for interiors floorings.

Honed Surface:

It is a surface that has been ground to flat and soothe surface. But, this stone surface looks a little bit different from the polished one though it is created in a much similar way like the polished one. But the main attribute of this surface includes less glossy and reflective finish. So, this surface is advised to be placed in the areas that require a high degree of slip-resistance like in bathrooms.

Brushed Surface:

To complement the name, this surface is attained by brushing the surface against the brushes like steels or nylon brushes. The process includes consistently & gently rubbing of the surface with brushes until it gets textured surface that tends to be high resilience to scratches. But, this surface requires to properly seal off to make it stained free for longer times.

Tumbled Surface:

Tumbled stone finishing material remarkably used by the homeowners around the areas of the home to get a rustic & classic look. The tumbled/antique surface has smooth edging corners attained by vibrating it within the sand.

Tip: There are some other available surfaces too that can be considered at some extent like sandblasted, brush-hammered, and flamed etc because all these surfaces have different characteristics and can prove useful at different areas of the home as per specific requirements. So, some of the above-discussed surfaces may complement interiors or exteriors more and others like stairs etc,
But before choosing any of them, there are other considerations too that you have to watch out like intend fulfillment, design preferences, maintenance, and cost etc because all these factors will influence your final decision at a great level.

If there is still something that bothers you then you can type your query below at comment section or can visit us directly the best tile flooring Florida Contractors – The Miami Floors.

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