Step by Step Guide for Marble Flooring

Marble tiles are most famous natural stone for floor laying in construction sector & can be used at any place in a home but especially most used in the kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms and to decorate the accent walls. The reason behind their this popularity is that they remain a timeless classic tiling option due to their unique beauty and provide a gorgeous look in more wider areas of the home like in foyers etc. Marble is known to be the oldest stone till dated and formed by the crystallization of limestone at high atmospheric pressure. It also comes in a number of colors and patterns and can be refined a number of times to keep it shining look.

Marble usually varies in two types the traditional one and tumbled one. The traditional tiles have more polished and shiny touch as compare to the tumbled tile which provides more natural and an earthy look to floors.
Unlike the other un-natural tiles like porcelain or ceramic tiles, the techniques to laying it are very much similar but marble comes in larger sizes what exactly we have to care before installing it.

If you are doing that by professional assistance than they definitely know each and every step but there are some tips that a homeowner should know for their reference like:

Floor Preparation:

This consist number of phases you have to look for. First one before laying tiles is to clean and wash the floor surface after removing an existing tile. Reinforce your floor and floorboards to make them sturdy. Look for the center of the room in order to get proper floor layout so that you avoid the slope related problems in the end.

Reference Lines:

To get best-looked tiles it is advised to radiate the tiles little bit outward from the center of a room. This symmetrical effect can be achieved by marking the positioning of the tiles by creating references lines. Because laying the tiles along the lines can let you get the best flooring as you want.

Mortar Preparation and Finishing:

The thin-set mortar is best suitable mortar solution of marble tiles. But remember not to make it drier, so that it can spread evenly & smoothly. After that, you can go on to put your first tile and consistently use the tile spacers. Once your laying is complete apply the grout, test your flooring and wash it up.

Advantages of Marble Flooring:
  • One of the main advantages of marble is that all of its pieces are unique and different from each other in terms of color, texture, pattern, and design.
  • Marble is totally eco-friendly in nature as it is formed from dolomite stone to make it completely degradable. It also offers more density than other natural stones. Apart from providing a unique appearance it also has great heat conductivity means no more chilly floor during winters.
Disadvantages of Marble flooring:
  • Marble may have to offer a unique design but its installation comes at a very hefty cost because it is hard to keep its shine and radiance.
  • Its crystallization nature makes it fragile and brittle. Such characteristics lead it to be more scratch and stain prone. Its shiny look also makes pouring water to be invisible from some angles thus make it slippery.
  • Its proper maintenance can also be hard to maintain because it needs extreme care from a professional.
    Natural stone also required to seal in order to prevent it from penetration of water and other liquids. There are mainly three types of sealers to choose the topical sealers, penetrating sealers, impregnating sealers and is highly recommended to reseal it annually.

Conclusion: Marble by far margin is best natural stone to choose for flooring and add an opulent grandeur to your home or office when installed. Though it can impact high on bills, its installation also increases the home resale value.
Marble comes in larger sizes and it varies colors result in impurities like iron, mica and well suited in kitchen, dining rooms and a combination of both. So, it is advised to consult the professional before its installation and if you are looking for the same than the best tile flooring Miami contractors – The Miami Floors are here to assist you. Get a free consultation!

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