Guru Linear Drain Connector


Easy-to-install linear drain connection from Guru. Ideal for “close to-wall” installations and single-slope showers. This kit includes a Mud Bed Universal Connector for a hassle-free installation. Enjoy superior thinset adhesion with the bonding flange and reposition the drain up to 3/8″ with the drain repositioning system. Install over existing drain pipe connection for a quick and easy solution.



  • Easy to install linear drain connectors for mud bed installations or pre-sloped systems.
  • Ideal for “close to wall” installations and showers with just one slope.
  • Includes Mud Bed Universal Connector for convenient installation.
  • Bonding flange for superior thinset adhesion.
  • Can be installed over existing drain pipe connection.
  • Quickest to-install system available.
  • Drain repositioning system allows for up to 3/8″ adjustment.

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ABS(black), PVC (grey)

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