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Miami Floors is a reliable and experienced flooring installation service based in the Miami area. We specialize in installing different types of floors, such as porcelain, ceramic, and marble; we guarantee our customers complete satisfaction with our work. Quality is something we prioritize here at Miami Floors!

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We have more than 1 million square feet of tile installation experience.


We will advise you about the best tile materials for shower walls and floors to guarantee low permeability, high durability, and easy cleaning. There is a wide variety of options, such as subway tiles and mosaic tiles. 

Wood can warp and buckle, and carpet can mold in humid environments. Tile makes a great alternative, is durable, water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and comes in various textures, colors, and sizes to suit your style. If anyone at home has allergies, tile is a good choice considering that it collects fewer dust mites and allergens.

Each tile flooring material offers its benefits. For instance, porcelain is heavy and less porous, ceramic has superior scratch resistance, and glass is easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew. We will help you decide the most suitable tile flooring according to your needs, budget and personal taste. 

Selecting the right tile size for your floor is essential to creating your desired look. Large tiles give a classic elegance and a high-end look. There are fewer grout lines, so the space feels more open and cleaner. They also work well in open spaces and help tie two rooms together. Small tiles can add depth to every room and provide more traction and slip resistance because they have more grout lines. 

Covering heavy floors with another heavy layer is not recommended unless the foundation underneath is firm concrete. The existing surface needs to be level and undamaged so that it won’t affect the new layer. 

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Professionalism and Experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in the tiling industry. We improve ourselves every day and count on multiple recognition that certificates our knowledge.

We have hundreds of happy clients because we work to translate our customer’s ideas into stylish results.

Project Management

We will assign a project manager and other staff members as required to effectively manage the construction process

Coordination Process

During the development of any project, the coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process. We’ll be in continuous communication, so you’ll always be updated about the project.

Reporting and Cost Control

During the construction process, we will provide up-to-date information concerning changes that have occurred. 

After reviewing your needs and going to the work location, we create an Estimate of the needed work. I will send you this through email, and you’ll even be able to review it online and accept it or request changes. 

We will work with all project team members to define the logistical requirements for the work process, such as needed materials, the scope of work, and hours of operation.

Before the work date, we acquire all the needed materials, and we list our machines, so we’ll be ready to start the agreed day and finish on time.

After many years of experience working as a team, we know exactly what has to be done to finish the work with the needed requirements.

We have multiple certifications that validate our knowledge.

After deep inspection, we certificate the final work. We follow industry standards and we offer a warranty.

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