Why Select Soap-Stone as a Countertop Material

Looking to add new countertop in your kitchen. Then, a natural Soapstone can act as a countertop material you always wish for. Soapstone, as the name suggests, looks like soap because of the 50% involvement of talc in it hence, it is also knowable as steatite. Other minerals like chemical compounds of magnesium can also be involved too in order to provide more durability to the end product but stone with a high concentration of talc often known as “artistic soapstone” because meant to be more soft in nature & thus regarded as an ideal material to provide high-quality sculptors by the artists all over the world. And the material with less concentrating talc percentage is considered as much sought for an architectural or construction work.

But, we are not going to discuss it’s artistic attributes but instead, we are going to discuss what the use of it can bring to our kitchen. So, just take a quick look at why to use it as a countertop material? Take a deep insight below:

Pros of Soapstone Material:
  • Being a non-porous & much denser material, soapstone at very much extent remains stain-free throughout an entire life-cycle. It means if someone unintentionally spills some kind of an acidic fluid than they have nothing to worried off because such stains can simply be a swipe out from the surface even without leaving any kind of permanent mark.
  • Another advantage of it is that it serves as a great heating conductor material. Thus, you can put heating pans directly within the surface but, also remember it does not mean you have an authority to put it against any kind of excessive exposure to heat. So, avoid successive involvement with high temperature because it can indeed impact highly on its durability throughout the time.
  • Though it is regarded as very much an immune material against scratches or dents, unfortunately, if you get some of them accidentally then there is no reason to get hyper. Because such surfaces issues can easily be removed by sanding or by putting mineral oil on it. Thus, help you maintain its natural & classic look.
  • Unlike, other solid & natural surfaces, soapstone does not require any kind of sealing occasionally or seasonally which indeed means it requires less maintenance over time.

Tip: By reading above mentioned advantages it is very much obvious that many homeowners will find it the right material for their respective counter-tops. But, it does not mean that you don’t have to consider other possible options instead, we the best tile flooring Miami Florida contractors will suggest you select the material that you thought would be an ideal countertop material as well as also fulfill your required requirements.
If you still have any query than you can also reach to us directly – The Miami Floors – Your best Residential renovation services Miami contractors.

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