Exciting Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Inspire You!

The kitchen backsplash is always an important part of your kitchen design that not only protects the wall from liquids but also provides a great look to your room. This is considered the main center point that defines the style of your work area, radiates your personality, and reflects the mood and feel of your cooking space.
It is cool if you are a bit fussy and explore more and more designs before selecting a superior design that makes you happy. However, there are thousands of backsplash trends running in the market, which can raise huge confusion for you to choose the foremost design among all.
To cut down this confusion, we, a backsplash tile installation in Miami present to you some exciting kitchen backsplash trends that indeed make your cooking space look highly elegant and hygienic!

Here is the list of trending backsplash for your kitchen

1. Hexagonal Mosaic Tile Backsplash: These tiles are in immensely demanded nowadays as their unique and elegant looking design makes a room look fresh and more overwhelming. These tiles come with mix-and-match colors that add astonishing texture to the wall. This tile has huge options – you can contrast the white Mosaic tile kitchen backsplash with dark grout to create a memorable impact while turning your kitchen backsplash into a key feature.

2. Mirror Tile Backsplash: Mirror tiles are an innovation in the design world that make for a unique and glamorous kitchen backsplash. This glass tile backsplash for kitchen work reflects light, adds more depth, and makes space appear larger and more grand in general. The primary extraction point for these tiles is the quality, so before buying a mirror tile quality must be analyzed as the bad quality can be damaged with heat – coming from the cooking area.

Besides that it added a bonus, you’ll be able to double-check your look while cooking and also it takes just a few minutes to clean.

3. Molded Backsplash : These backsplash tiles are really a boon whom who arent cook daily but love to cook more often and want the space to feel complete & well-judged as the molded panels make for a striking alternative to backsplash tile that provides a completely different look and feels.
This is something beyond the present trend that goes with no rules and stunning look, yet impractical for daily use.

4. Penny Tiles : The penny tiles designs name always pops on the top if you are something that lasts for a longer time, add penny kitchen backsplash to the cooking area that is great for potential resale value and highly recommended for those who aren’t looking to update their kitchen backsplash every few years.
These tiles cater to a huge number of color combination so that you can the best one for your kitchen and make it a beautiful part of your dream home.

What backsplash trend will you choose? Ceiling height backsplashes, metallic tiles, or above mentioned? Choose from the hottest 2019 backsplash design trends and make your kitchen look amazing! For installation help, join hands with The Miami Floors – a prominent to do Kitchen Backsplash Installation in Miami, Florida. Our experienced contractors will work to evaluate your current space and come up with creative ways to maximize it in your budget.

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