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Slate is a natural stone material used for flooring to bring uniqueness and gorgeous beauty to the floors. It generally mined out from the earth, usually from the big mountains ranges where they formed over the long periods of time. What makes the slate a perfect flooring option is its natural texture, strength against shear, resistance against stain along with vibrant hues combination etc. However, like all the materials this material has both benefits and drawbacks which proportionally depend on the environment where it is installed. Thus, this material doesn’t seem a suitable option for all homes.
We The Miami Floors got some useful pros and cons of it which not only provide you with some idea about slate flooring but also let you maintain it over time:

Pros of Slate flooring:
Durability and Beauty:

As it is forged from natural minerals like quartz in extreme heat, a slate is an extremely durable and hard surface that withstands to heavy everyday traffic and also make it resistant to cracks, scratches, and chips. Being one of the hardest flooring material, a slate if maintained properly can last for decades without any kind of replacing or removing urgency. This natural stone boasts a variety of texture in coloring so selecting it for flooring whether for interiors & exteriors can let you choose from different kinds of shades and patterns. Thus, installing slate for flooring can bring strength along with awe-inspiring artistry look.

Easy to Clean and Less Maintenance:

Slate flooring, unlike the other materials, is very easy to care for. Because slate flooring can easily be cleaned with regular sweeping and mopping with mild detergent, thus make it need less maintenance attention.

Colors Availability:

The numerous range of colors and styles availability means slate flooring can easily be fit nearly in any aesthetic room design. It’s this versatility just act as an additional source of benefit.

Cons of Slate Flooring:
Expensive Nature:

The initial purchasing cost of natural slate can exceed up to your consideration, especially if you are opting to buy some quality grade-A material that will be going to last for years to come by. So, you will end up paying more than other natural materials like marble and granite.

Cold State:

While slate is acting great at transmitting heat and cold but in end, it seems terrible at retaining them, which make this material be uncomfortable to bear on chilly floors. This problem can even be worse in areas like bedrooms, bathrooms, and locations where people often go barefoot.

Comfort and Structural Concerns:

The slate floors are hard and brittle in nature which result in providing less resistance. Sometimes, Its this hard nature can also be hard on the knees, especially for those who tend to spend a lot of time standing. However, you can counter that by putting rugs over the areas where you usually stand and walked.

Conclusion: Slate flooring generally considered as the statement floors and can be used anywhere in the home. But, remember slate is slightly softer than other available natural stones thus make it unsuitable flooring choice at places which used to heavy traffic like garage and warehouse etc. But apart from that, slate still considers as the ideal flooring option for the kitchen, bathrooms and if you are planning to do the same and requires some consultation than visit us – best tile flooring Miami contractors.

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