Everything You Want to Know About Floating Floors

While flooring it is important to choose the best possible solution for your property needs. Floating flooring refers to the floor that is installed using an interlocking method without actually being glued or nail down to the subfloor. Due to such characteristics, this type of flooring is also called a “loose laid flooring” too. In this type of flooring installation, the whole floor balance completely relies on the boards who are fixed together to let the floor be stable & stick in their places by providing them the needed stability.

A floating floor installation generally used with laminate flooring but it can also work well with other floorings too. We have elaborate the types and various advantages of it and hope these tips will provide you with a much clear idea before it’s installing:

Laminam Flooring:

Laminam flooring is a prime option for floating floor installation. It will be nice flooring option for the rooms where moisture isn’t any big issue like bedrooms, living rooms etc, and what makes it more ideal choice is its durability & affordability over other flooring options like wood or natural stone etc. Laminates can be varied on price behalf but commercial grade laminam flooring still possess great resistance against the scratches, sunlight, and high-traffic load. Besides, that it also uses the digital images which allow it to easily reflect the look of any natural material.

LVF Flooring:

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is initially designed to replicate the look of the hard surface materials like stone, wood or marble etc. But nowadays it becomes a popular flooring option as being used as floating flooring, it can also be nailed down with the existing subfloor too. It’s tiny tongues & grooves into the boards to let them lock together strongly.

Cork Flooring:

Rather than preserving the freshness of the wine bottle, an application of cork can be used differently especially for flooring. A cork flooring is a new trend that is now leading in the flooring installation techniques. There such sudden uprising in demand is due to their soft feeling, versatility, sustainability, and involvement of natural ingredients it has. Its such qualities make it ideal flooring choice for the places where you likely spend long hours being standing like kitchens.

Advantages of Floating Floor over Ordinary Floor:
  • Suitability and Adaptability: A floating floor can be used at any corner of the home and if your rooms are prone to the moisture problem then it can be used to curb it. A floating floor can work as the barrier between the subfloor and boarding boards and help you nail down the moisture problems you might have. It’s such properties made it the best option to choose in places where you need an extra spring-like dance hall and gym etc.
  • Ease of Installation: One of the major advantage a floating floor can offer is that it can easily be installed as there is no need to applying a full floor glue or nailing method because all it needs is to insert a board over the board which results in the overall easy and quick installation process which make this installation method the best choice for many types of floor coverings.
  • Cheap Maintenance and DIY Cost: Due to its ease and simplicity, floating floor installation saves money and helps installation go a lot faster. Floating floor installation leads to less future maintenance cost as it highly resistant to moisture, sheer weight, friction and remain untouched from flooring issues for a long time. Its installation also let you eliminate any paid labor charges because the even an inexperienced DIY-er can also achieve big by doing it yourself.

TIP: Remember floating floor is not a flooring but instead it is a method of installing a floor. Apart from the above-mentioned flooring types, you can also consider other options too like engineered hardwood, COREtec. Before flooring, It is also imperative that you weigh the good along with the bad before making any final decisions. Certain is the case with floating floors, they may have upper hand over their counterparts but also prone to some issues too. A floating floor has a tendency to tear quickly as well as also create hollow-sounding noise too but despite all of that it still proves a fair flooring option over concrete, plywood, and carpet flooring like traditional floorings.

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