Guru EVOLUX Waterproof Linear Drain Gold Installation Kit


The high-quality stainless steel strainer assembly and linear shower drain are designed to provide efficient water drainage. At the same time, the WATER-STOP waterproofing membrane ensures that your shower pan stays wholly waterproofed


Elevate your bathroom experience with the innovative and stylish Evolux linear Gold shower drain – the perfect solution to complement your bathroom decor while efficiently draining water from your shower. This exclusive design delivers function and beauty, ensuring your shower system is fully equipped with a top-quality linear drain and strainer. Its stunning gold color is the perfect addition to any bathroom, providing an elegant touch that will impress. This linear drain is ideal for easy installation and efficient drainage from private homes to public facilities such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and gyms.


  • Comes with a clamping ring that fits in most shower drain bases for easy installation.
  • Simple connection to standard drains makes it suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.
  • WATER-STOP is a thin load bearing, bonded, sheet membrane for waterproofing applications, providing maximum protection against water damage.
  • The Glass model includes a tileable insert for a seamless shower floor that blends seamlessly with your bathroom decor.
  • Meets the American National Standard for Thin-Set Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone Installations ANSI A118.10 for Load Bearing, Bonded, Waterproof Membranes and ANSI A118.12 for Crack Isolation Membranes, ensuring quality and durability.

Kit Includes

  • 6′ 7″ x 6′ 7″ (43.06 sq ft) –sized section of WATER-STOP waterproofing membrane
  • W-S DIN preformed in-corner
  • W-S DEX preformed out-corner
  • MIXING Valve Seal
  • ABS drain body base with 2″ Sch. 40 hub x inside 3″ connection; 4 x ¾” hex bolts to attach the ring to the drain body
  • Two-piece EVOLUX clamping ring and adapter with a resilient gasket for push-in connection of the strainer assembly
  • Installation template
  • Low profile drain made of marine grade stainless steel 16 gauges thick (Sizes and designs depending on model)
  • Hair-strainer included

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