Non-Slippery Tiling & Accessible Flooring Options for Bathroom

Flooring is a crucial element of any home as it completes the overall look of an entire home. While building or remodeling a home of your dream many homeowners seek to lodge sufficient and safe rooms to the home members especially to the persons with disabilities like persons who use wheelchairs. A bathroom is an area which considers being a most dangerous spot in the home as it include many hazardous areas like Wet floor, sharp corners near the accessories like toilets, tubs, shower, vanities etc which indeed prove a difficult challenge to kids, elders, and as well as for the young adults.
So, it is well advised to concern such safety challenges before designing your bathroom because 2/3 of a home falls occurred in the bathroom. We the best commercial & residential renovation services Miami, Florida professionals got most safe tiling options that will make your bathroom less scratch & slipping prone and accessible to utilize:


Vinyl flooring is a most obvious flooring choice for the public and as well as commercial facilities. Their water resistant and slip-resistant attributes are enough to complement ADA rules. Though, luxury vinyl tiles sheets can be best non-slip tile option as they have a foam backing that let them provide more grip on floors and be wheelchair friendly. Apart from that, there easy installation and reasonable price also enhance its popularity.


Laminam flooring has a comparable appearance as it can be used both at residential and commercial properties. Laminate flooring not only looks attractive for floors but also compliment ADA requirements too. Its such attributes make it an ideal tiling option to bear high traffic load and provide much-assured rest to wheelchairs users because it has a high tendency to resist dents and bumps.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles due to their high water resisting characteristics can be a better choice for a bathroom than laminate flooring. These tiles also provide great gripping, durability, and move around capabilities to standard and to power chairs users.

Tips to make a bathroom more accessible:
  • A sink should be mount against the wall that has no underneath cabinets thus providing more space for movement. Installing an automatic faucet will make your sink more easy to access or opt for the single hand faucet.
  • To make your shower or tub area more accessible, go for a curbless shower and also keep a sleek eye on the slope so, that extra water flows easily to drainage spot.
  • The doorway should be sufficiently wide to make access for the wheelchairs. Also, make sure to keep your floor clean and tidy all the time by making it sure that there should be not any rugs or mats in the way. Such considerations make your bathroom fixtures easy to use and more approachable.
  • Bring an excessive required light is also a big safety concern of the bathroom and it is ideal if you intake as much as natural light. Motion detecting and dimmers can too be useful as well as low light switches or large easily visible toggle buttons.

Conclusion: While laying your bathroom floor, choose the best possible tiling option that suits all the family members of your family regardless how’s their physical condition. Apart from the above flooring tiles, you can also go with a solid rubber or cork flooring too. Also, watch out for the ADA (The American with Disabilities Act) laws recommendations like flooring material should have coefficient of 0.5, avoid high alterations, and a heap to maintain less than ½ inch height.
What kind of material you select make sure it has high resilience and easily managed manoeuvre because every homeowner ultimate goal is to get an accessible spaced bathroom that would be easy to utilize by all the family members
We hope the tips above will let you make up your mind before selecting your floor material and if you have anything still to ask for than visit the best tile installation Miami, Florida contractors – The Miami Floors.

Granite Countertops Advantages and Disadvantages

The kitchen is the place that controls all the functionality of the home and most sought out place for every homeowner too. While renovating or remodeling a kitchen, a countertop is a spot of top priority for every homeowner. A countertop is generally a horizontal surface that will prove handy in your daily kitchen tasks like food preparation etc. It is basically designed by keeping in mind heightening factor of the user and positioned within a touching distance of cabinets, and other accessories storage areas to increase its productivity.

A countertop should be functional as well as stylish because a well-placed countertop will make your kitchen more useful and enhance your kitchen overall creativity. While doing it so, it is a huge decision to make to choose a right countertop material for your kitchen and there consists a vast range of high-end materials options which are available in the market such as granite, quartz, natural stone or marble, laminate, and traditional concrete floor. All of these options have something to offer in your kitchen design as per your requirement and apart from all, granite is the most popular countertop material and for good reason too as they are beautiful, natural, have wide patterns & colors, and can provide a gorgeous look to your kitchen.

And if granite is what you think of, then there are some factors that you have to consider like it’s pro and cons and fortunately, the best tile flooring Florida contractors – The Miami Floors have listed some of them for you as below:

Advantages of Granite for Countertops:

1. The main factor that led granite to become most sellable countertop material is its natural identity. Each slab of it is carved out from the igneous rocks which result in providing different shades and colors of it. Thus each slab of granite is unique from others which provide beauty and elegance that you surely gonna appreciated your whole lifetime.

2. Being a natural stone element, granite is considered to be one of the most durable and scratch resistant material. It also possesses the attributes like heat and stain resistant too which makes it very much immune to freezing, thawing, mold, heavy beating, and mildew which are main concerning factors of the kitchen. All of such attributes make it a material that can last longer than expected.

Disadvantages of Granite for countertops:

1. Granite needs to be sealed to make it less prone to stains and bacterial growth occasional annually. Because unsealed or unproperly sealed granite material can be absorbent to acidic fluids and chemicals which can produce some stain that might be too hard to deal with.

2. Granite material is porous in nature. Though, It’s hardness make it a rare entity to crack or chip but however stain still consider as the main primary issue that can force you to replace it in a near future. But other than that, it’s preservation seems to be a less concerning issue for homeowners.

3. Granite by far distance is considered to be an expensive material to use rather than other materials. So, be ready to loose some bills during its installation.

Remember, that Granite has attributes to deliver gorgeous aesthetics looks in kitchens and bathrooms and have other good qualities too which led it to create a timeless aura and appeal and makes it well within the range of an amateur DIYer. Granite countertops will take your high-quality kitchen to the whole new level visually and slightly become the most attractive centerpiece of it.

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Step by Step Guide for Marble Flooring

Marble tiles are most famous natural stone for floor laying in construction sector & can be used at any place in a home but especially most used in the kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms and to decorate the accent walls. The reason behind their this popularity is that they remain a timeless classic tiling option due to their unique beauty and provide a gorgeous look in more wider areas of the home like in foyers etc. Marble is known to be the oldest stone till dated and formed by the crystallization of limestone at high atmospheric pressure. It also comes in a number of colors and patterns and can be refined a number of times to keep it shining look.

Marble usually varies in two types the traditional one and tumbled one. The traditional tiles have more polished and shiny touch as compare to the tumbled tile which provides more natural and an earthy look to floors.
Unlike the other un-natural tiles like porcelain or ceramic tiles, the techniques to laying it are very much similar but marble comes in larger sizes what exactly we have to care before installing it.

If you are doing that by professional assistance than they definitely know each and every step but there are some tips that a homeowner should know for their reference like:

Floor Preparation:

This consist number of phases you have to look for. First one before laying tiles is to clean and wash the floor surface after removing an existing tile. Reinforce your floor and floorboards to make them sturdy. Look for the center of the room in order to get proper floor layout so that you avoid the slope related problems in the end.

Reference Lines:

To get best-looked tiles it is advised to radiate the tiles little bit outward from the center of a room. This symmetrical effect can be achieved by marking the positioning of the tiles by creating references lines. Because laying the tiles along the lines can let you get the best flooring as you want.

Mortar Preparation and Finishing:

The thin-set mortar is best suitable mortar solution of marble tiles. But remember not to make it drier, so that it can spread evenly & smoothly. After that, you can go on to put your first tile and consistently use the tile spacers. Once your laying is complete apply the grout, test your flooring and wash it up.

Advantages of Marble Flooring:
  • One of the main advantages of marble is that all of its pieces are unique and different from each other in terms of color, texture, pattern, and design.
  • Marble is totally eco-friendly in nature as it is formed from dolomite stone to make it completely degradable. It also offers more density than other natural stones. Apart from providing a unique appearance it also has great heat conductivity means no more chilly floor during winters.
Disadvantages of Marble flooring:
  • Marble may have to offer a unique design but its installation comes at a very hefty cost because it is hard to keep its shine and radiance.
  • Its crystallization nature makes it fragile and brittle. Such characteristics lead it to be more scratch and stain prone. Its shiny look also makes pouring water to be invisible from some angles thus make it slippery.
  • Its proper maintenance can also be hard to maintain because it needs extreme care from a professional.
    Natural stone also required to seal in order to prevent it from penetration of water and other liquids. There are mainly three types of sealers to choose the topical sealers, penetrating sealers, impregnating sealers and is highly recommended to reseal it annually.

Conclusion: Marble by far margin is best natural stone to choose for flooring and add an opulent grandeur to your home or office when installed. Though it can impact high on bills, its installation also increases the home resale value.
Marble comes in larger sizes and it varies colors result in impurities like iron, mica and well suited in kitchen, dining rooms and a combination of both. So, it is advised to consult the professional before its installation and if you are looking for the same than the best tile flooring Miami contractors – The Miami Floors are here to assist you. Get a free consultation!

Why Choose the Porcelain Tiles for Flooring

When we design our dream home, we want every corner of it to reinvent the luxurious environment look that seems every inch comfortable for us. Indeed, the appeal of the attractiveness of a home is solely determined by the decorations aspects of home and floor quality is one of it. And when it comes to choosing the beautiful suitable flooring material, the rich look of wood might be hard to conquer. However, while considering other aspects like maintenance requirements etc. The overall high cost of wooden floors makes it slightly out of distance of many homeowners. But fortunately, we have other better alternative than wood flooring – The Porcelain Tiles.
Porcelain tiles are made up of clay and non-porous but denser in nature. Apart from that porcelain tiles offer low-maintenance cost and besides that also offer every inch of the warmth that wood flooring can offer.
So, what makes the porcelain tiles an absolutely superb choice for flooring? The Miami Floors got some useful attributes of porcelain tiles for you:

1. Less Maintenance Attention: One of the best characteristics of porcelain tiles is their less maintenance cost. This is due to its non-porous state which means there are very fewer possibilities of having holes which correspondingly keep the surface out of reach of dust and grime. Contrary to that they have stain-proof and hypoallergenic properties too unlike the other flooring tiles like wood or natural stone etc.

2. Variable Textures Availability: Though flooring tiles like wood, quartz or natural stone are also available in wide range of colors, porcelain tiles have unlimited options in a range of colors and textures. From slate cut, brushed and flat porcelain tiles offer rich modern options while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

3. Long Lasting Time period: Another benefit the porcelain tile can offer is long lasting life cycle. Unlike the other tiles, it can be irreplaceable for a lifetime period. Every porcelain tile is made with robustness to last longer and offer sustainable to the floor. Their durability and other resistant factors also enhance them to be ideal flooring tile for every homeowner.

4. Versatility: Porcelain tiles offer different design versatilities which make them best tiles for commercial and residential properties. Their this durable nature also make them suitable flooring option for outdoors too. And if used outside, a slight sweep with warm little soapy water is sufficient to keep their new look.

5. Moisture Resistance: Porcelain tiles can offer a similar look as of wood flooring but you have to know that these tiles are completely water resistant as they are finished with grout. This makes them be a mob out of the water drops which ultimately leads your floors from any kind of moisture or water absorption and will maintain their beautiful look.

Conclusion: On the behalf of the above-mentioned attributes, porcelain tiles can be a great addition to rustic or modern homes offering a look that will never go out of style, even for the pickiest individual too. Remember, tiles are installed to provide home some noble look and if not installed well, they may expose your floor and make it look vulnerable.
We hope these points will let you make up your mind before deciding an ideal tiling option for your home. If you still need some professional assistance than the best commercial & residential remodelers in Miami, FL – The Miami Floors will help you. Give us a call – 786-230-0558.

Find out Right Material for your Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen is considered as a heart of the functionality of every home and when it comes to choosing the right material for the countertops, then you got a number of options. A kitchen countertops get an excessive exposure to water, heat, sharp knives, heavy beating, chopping, & more. Besides that, they have to look beautiful too. So, you have to select the material that can last for a long time and fit well within your kitchen design & your comfort. The choices are many but find out some of the best kitchen countertops materials which are trending nowadays:

1. Granite:

Its elegant class, natural beauty, and hard durability make it an ideal countertop material for the decades. It can even turn the modest kitchen into a luxurious one because each slab of this material is unique and have rare colors. Since it is non-porous in nature, it also protects from the heat, stain, and fungal origin. When tightly sealed, granite can be resistant to stains from oil, acids, and other kitchen remains. But remember the granite can impact big on your tight budget because historically granite has been expensive countertop material.

2. Quartz:

It is also known as the engineered stone product that contains 93% crushed quartz particles and by blending other minerals, plastic & color pigments. It is created to be a more adaptable and better-performing alternative than granite and marble. In addition to this its beauty and easy availability in a number of colors, it non-porous surface nature also offers anti-bacterial, corrosion, stain and scratch benefits. But it can be damaged by the heat, so it is advised to keep them away from the trivets.

3. Marble, Limestone and Soapstone:

Durability and look are what keeps granite and quartz in high demand. But other natural materials are also in contention. Marble and Limestone are classics countertops material. For luxurious kitchens section, timeless marble is coming on strong because it is gorgeous natural excavated stone. Hence, no two sheets of marble are exactly the same which make your countertop design entirely unique. Though its high price tag, marble is not often seemed good option on the countertops of the whole kitchen. Soapstone is another natural stone that usually comes in dark grey color with a smooth & silky feel. But it isn’t as common as other materials. Contrary to expectations, the soapstone used for countertops is actually quite hard and prone to stain.

4. Solid Surfacing:

It is made of durable acrylic and is specially designed to last for many years. It is once regarded as the premium & luxurious choice for countertop material but nowadays it is considered as a material of the mid-range kitchens. It has many characteristics and properties that make it the most suitable countertop material. The solid surface compatibility factor also leads it to use for the wall backsplash too. It is also resistant to stains, moisture, heat and small nicks.

Tip: Apart from the above options, you can also go for the laminate, wood, recycled glass, concrete, ceramic tiles, stainless steel as per your requirements. Remember replacing a scratched, stained or an unattractive countertop can transform any kitchen but you must think about the durability, maintenance and the material that fit well with your unique kitchen design and budget. Get an expert assistance by visiting us.

Tips for Homeowners to Cut Down Renovation Cost

Planning and implementing a home renovation can likely turn to be one of the most expensive projects and while planning it most of the homeowners don’t want to bust their budget. But it is also a well-known fact that whether your budget is small or large, the cost of renovation can quickly slip out of your hands. So, how we can cut the cost of renovating our property and with good reason? By executing some strategic planning about the design, materials choice and with proper management we can surely cut our costs without compromising with our vision. Let discuss some tips that can let you achieve your dream and fit well within your budget.

1. Seek Efficiency not Size: 

While remodeling, it is important to go for efficiency rather than size. By some brainstorming, you will definitely get some extra space to work on without tearing down walls to create it. This will help you to maximize the utility of kitchen, bathroom etc.

2. Be Stick to your Budget & Plan:

For the renovation process to be successful you have to stick with your budget and plan. So, before starting it make your budget first that can provide you with the much realistic overall image of your spending and keep you out of clutches of financial emergencies and unexpected expenses. Get your estimations right, priorities your spending structure because budget at last has a final say.

3. Do the Research:

Renovating an entire home is surely a one time job and dream of many. Generally, we want to do it to exact pinpoint, and thus be free from any kind of near future turning events. So, take your time to do some research, talk to your family, friend circle or a renovation expert ( Call us at 7862300558 for free Consultation ) who can advise you with some tips & ideas. Because having a bunch of information about your work plan can be invaluable during the renovating process.

4. Doing it Yourself:

DIY can surely be a most effective way to save your money during a home renovation. Whether you are trained or a person with moderate DIY skills, this process surely has huge scope to cut your renovating cost. But remember while doing it yourself keep yourself out of the reach of some tasks that only a professional knows and about the tasks you know very little. There are some other tips too that can help you optimize your overall renovation cost like:

  • Get the right contractor for your project that can work with you and help you implement your ideas. Because a professional will let you stay organized with your budget during the renovation.
  •  Find some money saving hacks like reusing & balancing materials, go for simple transformations, selling your unwanted trash, recreating your tasks will also let you knuckle down your expenses.

Being commercial & residential renovation services provider we recommended you to start with one or two room and finishing those before moving to the other areas of your home. Most people find it hard to finish a project because they don’t know how to kick-start the same. Prioritize your basic renovation necessities and do them first, if you don’t want to drag on your project. From a budget point of view, beginning with one or two rooms is a a smart choice to start in because it will let you deal with unexpected expenses without holding your project on halt state and also remember to consult a specialist renovation contractor too.

Planning Kitchen Remodeling, Tips you need to know

We all want a kitchen that would reflect our style without compromising with our comfort zone. While looking forward to kitchen remodeling, we consider the best possible solutions for it because we really want to achieve is overall comfort and future value. But how we are going to achieve our dream kitchen we are planned to? Turning your existing kitchen into your dream one isn’t so hard either. There are many ways to fulfill that aim and we have some tips for you to make it simple for you:

1. Think Why exactly you need a remodeling:

Before executing remodeling project think, why else you are remodeling it. Do you plan to sell your home in the upcoming few years? Do you really want the new more stylish overall look or is there any immediate urgency due to some designing limitations. Take your time to figure out your exact requirement.

2. Keep scrutiny over word B – Budget:

Don’t be blindsided to that particular term. Because it is the factor that really going to determine the scope of your project. And going through your budget will help you to get the best out of your investment.

3. Take your time to plan:

As discussed before, the proper planning regarding your project and how you going to execute it will impact on your final outcome. Planning how you going to turn your dream into reality will surely take some time and here we are not talking about the months. But we are sure it will take more time than the actual construction time. There are definitely some points to think about so that your plan go smoothly as you want:

• Create overall design & drawing of your kitchen complete with all the measurements elements like light, space, doorways that will help you to buy the appliances that will fit well within your kitchen structure and design.

• Be in touch with the new technology & design, and determine what basic elements you want in your kitchen. Because If you are unknown to the latest trends, you may find out new trends little bit late that could hinder you from selecting the equipment that will be going to be more convenient as per your design.

• Think, how you are going to adjust your kitchen countertops because countertops really make a kitchen relishing. They determine both how functional and attractive space will be, and they play a big part in your enjoyment in the kitchen. Make sure you consider cautiously before selecting countertops for your kitchen. There are some other terms too that you have to consider like how you are going to optimize your extra space so that you will be able to maximize it.

4. Think about the Quality:

Whenever you are considering for a kitchen revamp goes for the top-notch quality materials. The materials in your kitchen should hold up to heavy and tough use. Always choose quality materials and contractors that can give you some quality professional help. When choosing materials, look for low maintenance cost and long lasting durability.

5. The Need of a professional advice:

Believe us or not, remodeling a kitchen is not going to be an easy task. So, it is always better to take an advice from the professional contractor from the beginning for the sake of your overall ease.

Remember, a perfect remodeling & renovation is solely be achieved by the proper planning and its implementation. So, all you need to do is to sit back, do a little brainstorming, and pen down all questions related to your project. Apart from the above-mentioned questions, you can consider anything that comes to your mind.
Remember planning is going to be a key to success!